Heart of the Industrial Reference Platform is an Intel Atom processor and an ALTERA ARRIA FPGA, connected together PCI Express to support customer specific interfaces and logic requirements. The system is based on the Hpe platform, an expandable base board with a range of different interfaces in a durable enclosure – ideal also for software developers. The base board carries a Qseven™ module with the CPU system, 2 child board connectors for custom logic implementations and a set of peripheral interfaces. For system prototyping and hardware developers the enclosure can be easily opened to allow rapid access to the expansion ports.

The Industrial Reference Platform is a highly scalable and re-configurable (proof-of-concept) platform targeted at
low-power, high-performance industrial automation applications:

  • Medium to high complexity PLCs requiring low power, high performance, and compact form factor
  • Human machine interfaces (HMIs) and Panel PCs
  • High performance slave systems
  • PLC-based drive systems
  • High-performance industrial systems like image processing