Hardware Development-EN

The roots of Collions experience in development and production of analog and digital videohardware reach more then 25 years back in time.

Since 1987 Collion is using FPGAs.
In this time, it was very ambitioned to use FPGAs for digital video. Doing this was only possible by using very deep technical Know-How of the FPGA internels. By constantly expanding out Knoweledge of such “internals” this gives us still the step in advance for our customers.

Collion is not focused to any FPGA vending comany, but selecting the right vendor/device for each individual case.

We are using frequently FPGAs of different performence categories from the FPGA vendors Altera, Lattice, Microsemi, Xilinx.

While initially control tasks especially like controlling external memory, ADCs and DACs were in the foreground, today tasks are outsourced to FPGAs, which are not to do with fastest DSP arithmetic units in real time. A good example is the encoding of video signals to and above Full HD.

Were in the beginnings of the era FPGA devices have good hand handlebar (eg over 48 pin DIP version or 68 or 84 pin PLCC housing) so today parts with more than 1000 IO pins in a BGA, could only be handled with highly professional features implemented.

The usual way is therefore to hire a electronic manufactoring service (EMS) which is entrusted with the construction of one or more functional pattern. Especially the combination of highly complex technology and the smallest number is external service to the test.

Then the customer expects that its necessary for his progress prototype is produced with the highest priority. On the other hand, the producer faces the dill Emma that he might still have to wait one or component, the board wait until the approach and dozens of other projects on your place on the placement machine.

The machines ready for your project to the final component is vorzuhalten arrives summarizes impossible.

as for the solution for this dilemma, Collion decided to implement its own manufacturing process, bringing together all the ingredients for best production process. For details, see our pages of Rapit mezzanine service.